Megan Carney

Title: Director
Phone: 312-413-9862
Address: Room 1172 BSB (MC 369)
Fax: 312-996-4688

Bio: Megan Carney is an artist and educator who is passionate about intergenerational spaces and their potential for personal and systemic change. She joined UIC as the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center in 2011. As a founding director of About Face Youth Theatre (AFYT) for LGBTQIA+ youth, Megan’s collaborative work with community partners around the city addressed queer chosen families, identity development, housing instability, and more in celebrated performances that premiered in Chicago and toured around the country to schools and conferences. Today she serves on the Honorary Board of About Face Theatre, the LBTQ Giving Council of the Chicago Foundation for Women, the Chicago Restroom Access Project, and as a member of Rivendell Theatre Ensemble where she also writes and directs plays. Megan teaches in a variety of contexts including universities, youth and senior centers, and corporations facilitating programs that engage questions of identity, oral history, diversity, and inclusion. Megan received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Tech focusing on Directing and Public Dialogue and a BA from Kalamazoo College where her ideas about art as a tool for social justice and activism began to take shape.
More information: Pronouns: She, Her, Hers