Queer Oral History Project

The GSC and the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies are collecting oral histories around the life experiences of LGBTQ people who have engaged with and passed through UIC over the years. Starting with alumni, the project continues to expand. By documenting and sharing these stories, we are bringing generations together, investigating the role of the UIC in various social justice movements and personal journeys, and revealing the multiple dimensions of our lives. For a full list of alumni oral history clips, please visit the Gender and Sexuality Center Soundcloud.

Interview with Alumni Jamie Scheid on Privilege

Duration: 3min 12s


 Interview with first GSC employee Jacob Mueller on Activism

Duration: 1min 39s


Interview with Alumni Laurel Wright on Diversity

Duration: 1min 16s


Interview with Alumni Eddie Del Real on Perception

Duration: 3min 15s